390sqm / 4200sqft
Location | 
Beirut, Lebanon
Scope |
Interiors, Custom Furniture, Lighting

Located on Beirut’s prominent waterfront, Amarres is a French eatery inspired by the famous bistros and cafes of the Cote d'Azur. With a twist on traditional French cuisine, the design concept extends the narrative by re-defining the typical elements of a ‘brasserie’. Assemblies of pipes, powder-coated in brass, are configured to create intimate banquette seating, while a butcher’s block communal table defines the center of the space. The bay-shaped bar subtly glows with a screen of copper fixtures separating the dining room from the kitchen. Just meters away from the Mediterranean, the outdoor terrace is seamlessly furnished with custom 'bistro' style tables and a seating arrangement that embraces the view.