Cantina Sociale

200sqm / 2150sqft
Location | 
Beirut, Lebanon
Scope |
Interiors, Custom Furniture, Lighting

Located along one of Beirut’s picturesque streets, Cantina Sociale is a self-service wine shop and café inspired by winemaking cooperatives and community-sharing platforms. Coming from a heritage of humility in winemaking, the client’s approach hinged on removing any pretension surrounding wine with an inherent narrative of ‘strength in shared knowledge’. With a mission to craft an environmentally conscious project, materials were locally sourced and custom-designed furniture and lighting was tailor-made by local artisans. The open plan features a wine display, customized in metalwork, with infographics, merchandise, vintage posters, custom neon signs, and personal touches incorporated in intentional areas. Stations, serviced with wine dispensers and tasting stationery, are organized into the sequential flow of the space.