Dar Bistro and Books

200sqm / 2150sqft
Location | 
Beirut, Lebanon
Scope |
Co-owner, Operations, Interiors, Custom Furniture & Products, Graphics

Founded in 2011, Dar Bistro and Books is a site-specific concept, created to bring people, culture, food trends, and an authentic spirit together. The word ‘Dar’, commonly used in Arabic, implies home or a sense of place. Our ideas are planted around that center and nourished by the community it serves.  Built by partnership, passion and belief in a place of inclusion, Dar became a multi-generational destination where people can socialize and meet, read and reflect, or dine and drink. Conceived as a sanctuary in a busy Beirut neighborhood, the design generates a feeling of the sanctity of home. The garden features jasmine-covered trellis walls, while the colorful interior radiates warm colors and textures. Reclaimed material, an eclectic book shop, and unfinished furniture evokes a ‘rough-refined’ edge, which is offset by the culturally inspired dining experience. As a multi-use venue, ‘Dar’ is an adaptive concept, rooted by its environment and grounded by the framework of industry standards, sustainability, and innovation.  Hosted by its locality, and branded by its creative community, the living concept continues to explore the intersection of food, design, and culture.